Our Product Range

We Semicron Engineering and Marketing aim to become a leading provider of affordable, innovative & high quality renewable energy solutions beneficial to the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial consumers in Kerala. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding products and service at great value to optimise payback to customers for their investments

We dream a tomorrow that sees the society, and the nation in a new light. We dream to explore the possibility of seeing development without any difficulties and energy deficit. Our vision is to enlighten the society with the sustainable and renewable resources of energy, so that no individual experiences darkness, and no development project faces energy deficit.

We aim to provide renewable energy in the mainstream and make it as an option to masses as a source of power. We also aim to bring in greater efficiency and thereby empower the society with cleaner and eco friendly energy solutions.

Rooftop Solar Projects

Rooftop Solar reduces your electricity bill massively lessening grid dependency for electricity requirements. The cost of electricity from the grid keep rising, however when it comes to rooftop solar, the cost will not fluctuate, and you will save more. With a 27 years linear power warranty on modules, you further save by avoiding the use of expensive power from the grid.Rooftop Solar options is available as an effective way of saving on space while using the solar energy to the grid in a way that the over all electricity demand reduces for the KSEB or any organization which distributes power


  • Smart Performarmance
  • Smart Service
  • Best investment
  • Future Technology/li>

Low Maintenance Batteries

Semicron presents C5, C10, C20 rating deep cycle batteries specially designed for longer life. Semicron batteries are very low maintenance and quick charge acceptance.Semicron batteries are C10 rating deep cycle batteries specially designed for longer backup time and solar home applications. Solar Batteries are low maintenance batteries and requires low water top up. However you should check water level at least twice in a year. Solar battery price is little costlier than Normal lead acid battery as it comes with full replacement warranty.


  • Eco Firendly
  • Guranteed for Long working
  • Best in Class

Solar Power Products

Semicron presents high perfomance solar products with high efficiency photo voltaic cell, films and other components. it gives you power saving high performance, eco friendly re-newable energy thus you can save money, time, and earth. We are passionately engaged in offering high-quality Solar Home Lighting System. The offered systems provide quality lighting through LED and produced bright enough for domestic and commercial applications. Our provided lighting system is designed and manufactured only using premium quality components and leading technology in synchronization with the set industry standards.


  • High-efficiency compact lamp
  • Flooded, thick plate low maintenance battery
  • Battery terminal caps are provided
  • 3 Position angular adjustment

Intelligent Inverter/UPS

Semicron presents wide varieties of systems like pure sine wave home UPS, Solar hybrid, On-Line, On-Grid and Off-grid inverters. Each and every components of the systems made up of certified high quality materials and world class technologies.Semicron has long been known for the trust it poses in its customers. Home UPSs by Semicron are designed and created to give excellent power reinforcement alternative to zones with endless power cuts. By selecting a battery from Semicron, you will likewise have the capacity to slice your expensive electricity bill. Precisely, innovation in energy like this isn’t just for the chic eco-friendly homeowner.


  • Excellent Charging at low Mains voltage.
  • Smart Fuse Protection
  • MOSFET based PWM technology with greater efficiency at lower cost with Dynamic Stability.
  • Enhanced Temperature Protection.
  • Complete protection of short circuit & phase reversal protection.
  • Supports fully deep discharge batteries.

Solar Waterheater

Solar Water Heaterconsists of an absorber made of copper, a storage tank with PUF insulation, piping, and a transparent cover. Solar energy heats the absorber surface and heat is transferred to the water flowing through the tubes attached to the absorber. The heated water is transferred to the insulated storage tank through thermosyphon effect. A transparent glass cover is placed above the absorber to reduce heat loss through radiation and the wind.


  • PUF Insulation
  • Copper tubes of highest standard
  • Laser welding of collectors
  • Anti- condensation system


  • This ensures that the heat generated by the water heater is retained for long hours
  • This improves the conductivity of the tank
  • This prevents condensation within collectors and avoids corrosion It also increases efficiency and the life of the heater